The Best Mercury Classic Cars Of All Time

Mercury Classic Cars

Known as an entry-level brand, Mercury was created to bridge the gap between the Lincoln and Ford models. But due to many reasons in operation and marketing, it ceased to operate nearly a decade ago. Over 7 decades of existence, Mercury had designed and created a lot of classic models that were distinctive, powerful, and elegant for the old times. In spite of the brand’s troubles, it still provided us with some memorable cars. BMW Repair Seattle brings you some of the best Mercury classic cars of all time.

1. Mercury Sun Valley – 1954

Foreshadowing the introduction of polymers and glass-roofed models, the Mercury Sun Valley boasted a Plexiglas half-roof. Its bubble top and tinted green significantly changed the view of the occupants on the road. There was also the option for the snap-in sunshade to avoid extreme conditions in the summer. Unfortunately, it was ceased in 1956.

2. Mercury Cougar – 1968

The Mercury Cougar was a similar version to the Ford Mustang. In fact, it was a considerable step up from the blue-collar, lower-priced Mustang with many quintessential features of American cars. While the most produced examples were the two-door models, this version was also produced as a four-door sedan, convertible, and station wagon.

3. Mercury Cyclone – 1969

Could you imagine when a Mercury car raced in the NASCAR? It did happen during the 60s when the company was a big player in a few American racing competitions. The 1969 Mercury Cyclone was a special edition for the NASCAR which was designed with aerodynamic aids. These included a flush grille and a streamlined window.

4. Mercury Capri – 1971

When Ford recognized that Mercury might need some more unique and distinctive compact models, it designed and created the Mercury Capri in 1971. With this model, performance became lively for those people who looked for an alternative to muscle cars. Its V6-powered engine still remains popular as many drivers are valuing a great balance of performance these days.