Hot Rod Vs Muscle Car

Hot Rod vs Muscle Car

Classic cars captivate us with their rarity, beauty and engineering, the history they capture and the memories they evoke. At BMW Repair San Marcos we believe the hot rod and the muscle car are staples of American culture. It is almost impossible to imagine what American car culture would have looked like without these cars.

Hot Rods

Hot Rods are generally classic American cars (pre-1950s) with large engines modified for speed. They are modified to go faster, stop quicker and handle better than the original car. Hot rod enthusiasts are fascinated by larger engines and suspension. They love to have their cars sit low on the ground. A hot rod is any car that is modified to be its own, it is a classic car with no fenders, lowered in the front with a tough stance, features a standout paint job, has a loud exhaust you can see and sports a standout paint job. The dry lakes region in California is considered the birthplace of Hot Rods. Hot rods have always been associated with a social movement that is underpinned by values of self-reliance, ingenuity and independence. When World War II veterans returned home from combat, they wanted to go fast in cool-looking cars so they simply modified their own.

Muscle car

If you love speed, the 1960s and 1970s was a great time to be a muscle car owner. The American Muscle car was first introduced in 1949 in response to a sudden demand for faster cars. Muscle cars were big, loud and extra-powerful machines. While some people may hold different opinions of what qualifies as a muscle car, the term refers to a rear-wheel-drive, two-door, midsized car with a large, powerful V8 engine characterized by lots of power, modest weight, and blazing acceleration. While hot rods were mostly modified in auto body shops, muscle cars were developed and manufactured by different automobile industries that successfully distilled and commercialized the raw excitement of the 1960s with a mid-sized car that conveyed power and speed.