About Us & Why?

First, we LOVE ALL CARS!

American, Domestic, Foreign heck if there was a space car. (maybe a Tesla) We are INTO IT!

But for the purpose of this blog, we are specialists in cars made in the good ol’ US of A

If you’re curious about an engine swap on a Corvette, or if a Shelby with some mods can take on a super car.

Ya, were going to talk about that stuff.

Then we’re also going to touch on repairs, whats common, uncommon. What to watch out for and what cars are relatively maintenance free.

We also will hit up some of the nitty gritty DIY on performance parts you can add to your beast to make it more beastly.

So if your thinking about getting a classic made in america vehicle.

Or just want to read about how to make yours ever more awesome.

We got some stuff your going to like 😉

Here is one of our favs below.