What Is A Crate Engine?


What exactly is a crate engine, and why does it need to be replaced? If you are wondering that read on for some information from BMW Repair Denver.   For those of you who lacks car knowledge, a crate engine is simply a fully assembled automobile engine exported to a crate installer (shockingly, that is a legit job) to install in a car.

Turns out crate engines have lifespan, just like almost everything else on planet Earth, and are capable of expiring. Therefore, answering our question as to why they required to be replaced in the first place.

Crate Engine Replacement

When a car engine becomes outdated, most car owners don’t panic. Instead, they rush to a repair shop, just as they would with any other car parts such as bad brakes, fuel change, flat tires, or even after hearing a strange noise caused by the vehicle which they overly exaggerated upon. Why not?

Unlike the problems mentioned above, expired car engines are highly more serious. And the sooner a new one can be delivered the happier the owner would be. Luckily crate engines are easier to purchase as well as replace. This is because they are already assembled and well ready for installation when it arrives. The average cost of crate engines is solely decided based on its overall conditions. Varying from approximately $1,500 to $3,500 plus shipping. Of course, who doesn’t like getting charged an additional fee for shipping as well as a three-year warranty? These engines are developed from multiple techniques.

How does it work?

Like any regular engine, a crate engine performs the same basic tasks, however, the only difference is the horsepower, which is why this type of engine is more common within the race car world. The crate converts fuel into motions through internal combustion.

The internal combustion then uses minor, controlled explosions to power and move your vehicle from one point to the next…nothing out of the ordinary engine, just easier to install.

Why do you need it?

Surely you are not convinced that a crate engine is what you need, despite you needing a new engine. Although it performs the same functions as a regular engine, crate engines grant you with reliability in its manufacture, and saves you headaches from the installation process. Purchasing a crate engine would also prevent constant visits to a mechanic shop; it also has an extended lifespan as well as higher horsepower compared to a regular engine.