The Awesome Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the most invigorating and attractive cars ever made. It is the original pony car, which was established in 1964. Ford Mustang has symbolized the American economic prosperity. When asked about the different options, people give out different information. This is because there have been many different Mustangs. The Ford Motor company cleared the air by reporting that there have only been six generations of this car. Check out this article brought to you by San Francisco BMW Repair for the different versions of the Ford Mustangs available today.

1964 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang was introduced on 17th April 1964. They included vehicles like classic Shelby Mustang lineup, K-code Mustang, Boss Mustang and most of these vehicles that older people term as “classic.” This first generation ran through 1973.

Pintostang Generation

The second generation of the Ford Mustang was introduced in 1974.These cars were based on the Ford Pinto platform hence the name “Pintostang.” They were developed to be faster and more fuel efficient than the first version. They included; Mustang II, Mustang Cobra II, and King Cobra Mustang.

SN 95 Mustang

The third generation was based on the SN-95/Fox4 platform. When Mustang was celebrating their 30th anniversary in 1994, they launched the SN 95 Mustang. These designs were engineered to be stiffer, have powerful engines and more significant when compared to the previous generations.

2000 Mustang Cobra R

This ultra- high performing sports car was produced in 2000. It included a front splitter, side skirts, huge wing out back and a power dome hood. Even from its look, Cobra R looked and sounded faster.

2016 Mustang GT350R

The aim of producing this Ford car was to revive the spirit of the older model. It has a V8 engine fitted and front leather bucket seats. It is said to feature an independent rear suspension, a 300 plus hp turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine option. We are now waiting for the latest model to be revealed.