How to Set up your DIY Space to Work on Your Car Repair Project

Like most Americans, when your car needs repair you take it to an auto service repair shop. However, simple repairs such as oil change and tire replacement do not need the attention of a professional mechanic. For such DIY projects, all you need are the right tools and ample space.

The following is a guide on how to set up space for your DIY car repair project.

Create a Workspace

Your home garage is the best place for DIY car repair project. A good garage has enough space for your car, a workspace, and a workbench. So, you need to declutter if you use your garage as a storage space for things such as lawn equipment and old appliances.

Apart from space for your workbench, you will need space to move around your car, and enough space to comfortably go underneath your car. For all that, you will need at least for feet all around your car.

Get Repair Tools

Most of the repair tools you need are in your car’s toolbox. However, for advanced projects, you might need to get advanced tools such as an impact wrench or a compressor. Think about the repair projects you can handle and find out what tools you need.

Organize Your Tools

Organizing the tools is also important. It helps to know where exactly to get a certain tool when you need it. Most people use plastic trays to separate different types of tools.

A trendy way to organize a toolbox is using custom-made foam inserts. These inserts separate all tools into their own spots making it easy to reach any tool when you need it. You can search for different ways to organize your toolbox on sites such as Pinterest.

Ensure You Have Enough Lighting

You will not get anything done when you cannot see. Most garages are located in basements where natural light might not be an option. Standard fluorescent lighting will provide enough light and it is cheap.

You will also need LED flashlights, and headlamps when working on confined and tight spaces.