Most Common Car Repairs For A Classic Car

Owning a classic vehicle can be a rewarding experience as you can relive the good old days of auto manufacturing. But at Auto Repair Murrieta we remind you as the owner, that these models aren’t designed to perform in motoring conditions these days. Cars are constantly required to be in compliance with changing regulations, driving needs, and technologies. Thus, there might be many issues that you need to overcome. Here are to 4 most common repairs in a classic model.


Unlike modern cars, classic models typically don’t have a brake warning light, making it difficult to know the current status of the system. Depending on the driving frequency and distance traveled, the brake pads will wear out over time. However, owners can’t know exactly when to fill up the brake liquid to prevent premature replacements without the warning light. As a result, brake systems in vintage vehicles tend to face many issues.

Engine breakdown

In general, engine oil helps lubricate internal moving components, thus reducing the risk of wear and tear. Old engines tend to be prone to damages if they operate with burnt oil for an extended period. Thus, keep in mind to check the level of the lubricating oil in your classic car after every 2000 miles. Otherwise, this issue might lower the lifespan of your vehicle.


Overheating is probably one of the most common problems in classic vehicles because most models lack an advanced cooling system. There are many causes of overheating, such as low levels of coolant, defective cooling fan, blocked radiator pipes, malfunctioning thermostat, or cracked fan belt. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix this issue, depending on the underlying reasons.

Vibrations and wheel wobble

Another common repair in classic cars is the vibration or wheel wobble while moving. This might be the result of wear and tear in the wheel alignment, which leads to unbalanced conditions in the bottom parts. To maximize the lifespan of the tires and allow for smooth drives, make sure to have it checked by professional wheel specialists.