Can I speed up my engine without voiding the warranty?

Common slip-ups when you try to speed up.

There are several common mistakes people make when they buy a new vehicle that can result in the warranty being voided. One of the top mistakes is modifying the vehicle in such a way, that is non-conventional. A few of these non-conventional modifications include using non-standard tires on the make and model and substituting car fluids that aren’t designed specifically for the car by the makers. But perhaps one modification to a new car that can void a warranty is called “chipping.”

Chipping was discovered by Ford, an American automaker since 1903, discovered the method of modification when trucks of the F-series year 2005 and up, were coming in with blown head gaskets. It was discovered the cause of so many vehicles coming in with this issue, was because vehicle owners were installing power chips to boost the engine output and the result was to cause damage to the vehicle and void the warranty.  Callahan Auto & Diesel wants you to be aware of this so it doesn’t become a problem for you.

When in doubt, don’t modify it out

Sure the look of dramatically heightened suspensions or lowered car bodies can make the look of the car unique. It can probably also increase the speed of the engine, think Fast and the Furious style, but vehicle consumers need to consider, will these dramatic modifications like suspension, tires, chips, air intake, and turbochargers will increase the engines horsepower capacity, enabling the vehicles speed to increase; but at what cost? If a consumer stops to consider the vehicles warranty, any modifications that will increase the likelihood of resulting damage to the vehicle will most certainly result in the vehicle’s warranty being voided by the manufacturer and auto dealership.

However, there are some basic care instructions for a vehicle that will enhance the performance such as, removing heavy items from the trunk, using the right gas for the vehicle, cleaning the filters, tuning up the vehicle such as the spark plugs, and keeping the car well lubricated. All of these things will increase the speed of the car, and fall under the category of vehicle maintenance and won’t void the vehicle’s warranty.