Best Years for a Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger

Were some years better for the Dodge Charger?

In the year 1966, the first Dodge Charger was introduced. The body consisted of two-door design and inside it had four seats for people to sit in. Some of the components of Coronet were shared with the middle sized Charger. The primary engine had 318 cu in (5.2 L) V8.   At we like classic cars and the Dodge Charger, here is some trivia for you who join us in this interest.  What years did they make a Dodge Charger, and were some better than others?

In addition to that more powerful engines were also available in the market even though sales were low.

In 2011, the Dodge Charger was renovated in terms of interior and design. So it’s quite obvious to think as years passed the new editions of Dodge Charger were better than those in the past. The enhanced engine performance, aesthetic interior design and overall improvement made the new editions stand apart from those launched earlier. The rear end received a new design and the LED light stretched all across the trunk. Also, driver visibility improved by almost about 15% compared to the previous versions when a lot of complaints were received about it. V6 engine was replaced with a Pentastar 3.6L simultaneously increasing the base performance of the engine. Eight-speed transmissions made all new models standardized excluding the ones which were specially-produced, to be more specific police versions which had the five-speed auto transmissions.

An upgrade was made to the display system of 2017 model and previous issues were fixed. Air conditioning and heating were also given emphasize for maintenance. OBDII hack enabled customers to unlock police interceptor. This was a surprising move to be introduced. A complete renovation emerged in suspensions and brakes for the newer models for better handling making it easier for all class of drivers to drive safe and smoothly.

It is not expected of the Dodge Charger to get a new redesign till late 2021. Reworked LX Platform is underway for the 2021 model of Dodge Charger so fasten your seat belts for this exciting rework surely to surprise and catch your attention!